The Everyday Struggle for Blepharitis Sufferers

"Why are your eyes so red and flaky?"


Those who don’t have it, will often give you blank look.

Those that do have it, instantly know the frustration & struggle that goes hand-in-hand with the condition.

(Even Google Dictionary doesn’t recognise the word – it’s telling me to change Blepharitis to Elephantiasis!)

Those unfortunate enough to have the condition, know all too well:

  • The countless hours required to maintain proper eye hygiene
  • The increased likelihood unattractive styes, or chalzions will develop.
  • The shrug of the shoulders some health professionals give, when asked about more efficient ways to manage the condition.

With almost 50% of patients that present to an eye clinic, having some form of Blepharitis, it’s remarkable that, “just deal with it” is the accepted norm.

My Story

I’ve been struggling with the condition for 20 years now, and have spent thousands seeing health professionals (some of which were fantastic). It got so bad, I developed a Chalzion that had to be excised. Many of the accepted Blepharitis treatments simply don’t provide sustainable relief.

But it’s not only me. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve come across that have been ‘cleaning their eyes’ for years with little to no improvement. Whether it be with baby shampoo, warm compress, eyelid cleansers – you name it!

While not a life-threatening condition, Blepharitis can be incredibly frustrating. Those who don’t have the condition may shrug it off as a cosmetic issue, but at it’s worst – it can be debilitating. Some scenarios you might be familiar with:

  • Having to cancel social outings because of a flare-up that makes you look like a zombie from 28 days later.
  • Large cysts forming around your eyelids that increase in size each day. Warn compress does little to improve.
  • Chronic dry eye issues because the Blepharitis has now affected your tear film that keeps the eye lubricated and healthy.
  • Chronic conjunctivitis that requires long-term antibiotic use.
  • Spending hours a week trying to scrap away debris that is glued to the eyelid.
  • A feeling of being helplessness after not being listened to over the years.
28 Days Later Zombie

Don’t worry I’m not going to eat your flesh, I’m just having a flareup of Bleph

Here's a one excerpt from a DryEye forum:

"The skin around my eye got worse and worse because of all the applications (warm cloths, cleaning with blephacura, etc.). I really got depressed about it and didn’t enjoy going out much. I was reading lots of forums about Blepharitis but didn’t find anything that made sense to me. I kind of gave up."

I could absolutely relate!! 100%. Not enough is being done to help chronic Blepharitis sufferers self-manage more efficiently. After researching and scouring the internet for weeks and not finding a solution, I figured enough was enough.

It was from this moment, BondiEyes was born.

Introducing BondiEyes

The mission of BondiEyes is simple – to improve the lives of Blepharitis sufferers.

Putting the power back into your hands, BondiEyes offers a safe and effective solution to clean eyes.

The new and improved version 2.0 is currently in production, and will be available shortly.

I am personally really excited to help you all.

Stay tuned!

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