Latest Blepharitis Treatments for 2018

Recently, some exciting developments for treating Blepharitis have emerged. These may increase the effectiveness of your existing eyelid cleaning regime. Let's take a look at more recent developments that you could try in 2018 (if you haven't already!).

1) Microblepharoexfoliation - wait WHAT?!

Quite a mouthful isn't it?
Breaking this down - micro (small) blepharo (eyelid) exfoliation (exfoliate) = small exfoliation of the eyelid.  Some devices use a surgical grade sponges spinning at 2500RPM to clean the eyelids.
What's so fantastic about this type of exfoliation? It completely cleans the inner eyelid margin. These areas are too delicate for us to clean ourselves. Bacterial residue and biofilm (a barrier that protects bacteria) can accumulate in this margin. This is often the cause of ongoing inflammation and infection.
Microblepharoexfoliation is able to destroy this protective barrier and remove any underlying residue. This helps unblock glands and produce healthy tears to restore the body's equilibrium.
Any instrument of this power, being so close to the eyes should only to be used by a physician or optometrist. Don't go buying household sponges and attaching them to dremels!
Like a good dentist clean, this type of procedure is only recommended twice a year.

2) Hypochlorous solution - Hang on isn't that Acid?

Sure is, but not the type you see in horror movies.
This is a weak acid that has anti-bacterial AND anti-inflammatory effects. Recent evidence shows hypochlorous solutions can reduce bacterial load around the eyes by 90%. What's better - hypochlorous acid is naturally produced by our body to fight off bacteria and microorganisms.
Ophthalmologists  have reported that using hypochlorous solution for 10 days dramatically improved symptoms for their patients.
Occusoft HypoChlor has a spray bottle containing the solution. Avenova is another prescription-based product that also contains the solution.latest-blepharitis-treatment
To use it, spray twice on a cotton ball and apply to closed eyes. This can be done following your scrubbing regime. To maximise the soothing effects of the solution, be sure not to rinse your eyes.
Adding a hypochlorous solution may supercharge your eyelid hygiene.

3) Cliradex. - Wipes for the Mites

Mites can inhabit the base of your eyelashes and wreck havoc. Sounds gross right?
If you have been diagnosed as having Demodex mites, this solution may be for you.latest-blepharitis-treatment
Cliradex  are wipes that contain the most effective components of tea tree oil. By using natural ingredients, Cliradex is able kill mites and soothe the skin.
Cliradex has varying strengths depending on the severity of your eye conditions. If you're having a particular bad flareup, the wipes may be the way to go!

4) A Sexier Warm Compress - The Bruder Mask

While this doesn't contain a new ingredient or ground-breaking technology - having the right warm compress is crucial.
Many specialists are specifically recommending the Bruder mask as opposed to the generic 'warm compress'.
The Bruder Mask has a unique eye pod design to specifically heat eyelids. The mask contains beads that are released as clean, moist heat after microwaved. This helps refresh eyes, opens oil glands rehydrates eyes and makes removing debris much easier.

These are not to be used for tanning!

To use, simply microwave for 20 seconds and apply for 10 minutes.
While the Bruder mask doesn't heat up your eyelid margins as well as the Lipiflow, it's a great cost-effecient alternative.
For less than $30 - this could be a great investment!


Every year, new exciting products are being created to help those suffering from chronic eye issues. These four solutions might give your cleaning regime a boost.
What treatments do you think will take off in 2018?
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