4 Hacks For Blepharitis

Having had the condition for 20 years, I’ve picked up a few tips that have made my life a little easier.

Here are 4 hacks I’ve used to help with my Blepharitis symptoms.

1) A tablespoon?!

We all know heat is great for managing Blepharitis. It unblocks glands and makes debris easier to remove from the eyelid.

I’ve found the most effective way to heat up eyes involve using a tablespoon. Before you run for the hills thinking I’m preaching some witchcraft – hear me out!

  • Boil water from a kettle and pour it over the spoon.
  • Let it cool for 30seconds
  • Place a couple tissues around the spoon for insulation.
  • Place the underside of the spoon over closed eyes.
  • Hold for 2mins
  • Repeat for each eye

Scrubbing your eyes after this so far easier, and saves you from picking at the crust with a Q tip.

I’ve bought a few expensive eye masks but have found this to be the most effective. Make sure to place enough padding around the spoon though!

hacks blepharitis

An easy way to provide heat to the eyelids. Try covering with a clean tissue for hygiene reasons. Source - Fabhow.com

2) Using Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff of the scalp and eyebrows can cause Blepharitis. This skin condition causes the skin to become oily and flaky. As a result, skin around the eyelid can become inflamed.

I never thought I had bad dandruff. But after learning more about the Seborrheic Blepharitis, I decided to give anti-dandruff shampoo a shot.

After a week of using Head and Shoulders on my scalp, my eyelid redness reduced by about 20%. I’ve used it ever since.

Even though I have flareups (when I’m lazy with my eye hygiene), it has definitely helped take the edge off.

I have heard of people using this shampoo on their eyelids for relief, but after reading the label **AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES** decided to give it a miss. 

3) Blinking

Did you know people with dry eyes are often partial blinkers?

When we don’t blink our glands aren’t stimulated to produce tears. These tears are essential to lubricate our eyes and ensure they don’t become irritated.

By purposefully blinking you stimulate nerves to allow natural secretion of oil by the meibomian glands.

How much blinking should you do? It’s recommended 20x, four times a day.

When I’ve had long days in front of the computer, I notice my Blepharitis does play up a bit. I suspect this might be because I’m not blinking enough.

So I’ve made sure whenever I’m on a break from computer work, or on the phone, I’ll incorporate these blinking exercises.

hacks blepharitis

Purposefully blinking throughout the day helps stimulates glands for good eye health.

4) Adjusting Diet

When I’ve had a big night on the town – booze and eating badly – my eyes punish me for it.

So, for an experiment – I gave up alcohol for a month, scrapped processed foods and home-cooked everything.

Sure, my social life wasn’t as fun, but it did help reduce my inflammation. During this time, I found I could get away with scrubbing my eyes every 3 days (as opposed to every 2nd day).

Did I continue this? Unfortunately not – Summer in Bondi is just too much fun ????

But what I did learn is that diet can have a role in perpetuating Blepharitis symptoms. What I urge you to look for is patterns of inflammation associated with your diet.

If you’re really eager – try an elimination diet and see if your symptoms improve.


While neither of these hacks for Blepharitis may be a silver bullet, try to learn more about what works and what doesn’t work for you. Once you find a hack or two that may take help your symptoms a bit, cumulatively they can start to have a real impact.

What hacks have worked for you?!


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