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Blepharitis (or inflammation of the eyelid) is one of the most common chronic eye conditions.

The main course of treatment for Blepharitis is shampooing the eyelids and using a warm compress. This does not remove all the crust and is time-consuming. Inflammation results from bacterial buildup.


Makes cleaning eyes as easy as brushing teeth

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The Electric Toothbrush For Your Eyes.

  • Designed For Eyes

    BondiEyes delicately remove debris around the eyelids. 

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  • Save Time

    BondiEyes completely cleans eyes in less than two minutes. 

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  • Hygienic

    BondiEyes uses high-quality sponges to safely clean eyes. 

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  • Easy To Use

    Sponge-tips click in and out of BondiEyes, making it easy to replace after each lid is cleaned for the best eye-hygiene.

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  • Delicate, Safe, Effective

    Say goodbye stubborn crust glued at the base of your eyelashes. BondiEyes is safe and efficient.

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  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied, we'll send you a full refund. 

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Before/After images using the BondiEyes on myself.

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What Others Are Saying

  • Peter Sutherland 2
    Peter Sutherland

    "As a long-time sufferer of Blepharitis - I felt I wasn't making any progress. BondiEyes helps me clean my eyes. It's a must-have product for me!"

  • stephanieyates2
    Stephanie Yates

    "Easy-to-use, simple and saves me time. Wish this was around years ago!!"

  • lauramangan3
    Laura Mangan

    "Since using BondiEyes, I haven't had any flareups. Using it once a week means I only need to scrub my eyes every fortnight"

  • Yuki Nakamura
    Yuki Nakamura

    "Two things helped my dry eyes the most - changing to a more humid environment and BondiEyes."

Blepharitis affects your quality of life

Are you growing tired of using wipes to keep your eyes clean?

Are you sick of crust getting stuck to the base of your eyelashes?


Are you frustrated at being told you need to just 'deal with it' and keep shampooing your eyes for the rest of your life?

Are you annoyed when eye makeup or wearing contact lenses irritates your eyes?

Are you fed up wasting time each week maintaining your eyes?


Having had Blepharitis for 20 years,  spending thousands of $$$ on specialists, going on long-term antibiotics, undergoing eye surgery and hours of my time per month maintaining my eye-hygiene, I was fed up to say the least!

Every night I would diligently spend 15 minutes scrubbing my eyelids. This failed to remove the flaky crust from my eyelids. Some nights I felt the crust was glued to my eyelids. 

I asked ophthalmologists and spent months trying to find a product that could help me remove the debris. But there was no easily accessible solution. The same old 'warm compress and shampoo' treatment appeared to be the only option.

For such a common condition I was amazed at the lack of options!

allan white shirt

Shortly after this shot, developed a chalzion that required surgery.

allan white shirt

Shortly after this shot, I developed a Chalazion that required surgery.

Current Blepharitis Treatments Don't Cut It

Let's take a look at current treatments:
X  Tedious scrubbing with eyelid wipes and baby shampoo
X  Eye drops that provide short-term relief
X  Uncomfortable massage of the eyelid margin that involves squeezing glands like pimples
X  Modalities administered by Doctors that cost thousands
blepharitis treatment3

Picking at your eyelids is never pleasant

Can You See The Predicament?

Want to know why sufferers are unsatisfied by these traditional methods? Because they feel they are not making progress. I was one of them. 
The issue is symptoms won't improve unless the crust is removed. However, current options for removing this buildup are not time-friendly or cost-efficient. It's no wonder sufferers are frustrated! I'm not surprised many neglect their eyelid hygiene. 
Blepharitis may not be curable but that doesn't mean you should tolerate tedious cleaning regimes. It also doesn't mean you should have to spend thousands of dollars on treatments.
Why wasn't there a solution that could provide:
 Control - A device that would empower users.
 Efficiency - Clean eyes in under 2 mins.
 Sustainability - Ongoing relief from symptoms.
 Comfort - A soft sponge to remove crust without irritating the eyes.
My frustration spilled over while brushing my teeth one night, I thought:

Why can't cleaning your eyes, be as easy as brushing your teeth?

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Hi, I'm Allan Manuel.

I've had Blepharitis since I was a child. 

My doctor said some people simply grow out of it, while others have it for the rest of their life. Not exactly the most reassuring news for an eleven year old. My doctor prescribed an eyelid hygiene routine that involved shampooing my eyes every second night.

blepharitis treatmentNo prizes for guessing which eye gave me the most grief!

Missing out on a week would lead to noticeable inflammation around my eyes.

Kids at school used to think I had conjunctivitis. There were times in my teenage years where I had to cancel dates, because I was too self-conscious of my condition.

After a decade, I grew tired of the whole process.

In addition to the usual symptoms of Blepharitis, I neglected my eye hygiene so badly I developed a Chalazion (eye-lid cyst). This required eye surgery to remove it.

I went to an ophthalmologist, who prescribed oral and topical antibiotics, as well encouraged me to continue my shampooing routine.  Neither of these treatments provided sustainable relief. The symptoms returned after a few weeks.

My only option was to continue spending hours a week cleaning my eyes.

Then, as I was looking in the mirror brushing my teeth, I thought to myself; Why can't cleaning your eyes, be as easy as brushing your teeth?

So thus, BondiEyes was created. A simple eye hygiene device to easily remove crust, preventing inflammation of the eye lid.

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